Have You Tried Rochester’s Local Food Restaurants and Markets?

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One of the biggest problems facing both our health and our economy is the rise of mass produced food that is shipped across the region, across the country, or across the world. As the NY Times writes, the expenditure of fossil fuels during the transport of our agriculture goods across the planet is a significant factor in rising carbon dioxide levels in the atmosphere, contributing directly to climate change.

It is not just the environment that is suffering, however. Mass produced, heavily trafficked food needs to be laden with fats and sugars to keep it preserved during its travels. That is one reason why, according to MedicineNet, Americans now consume 156 pounds of sugar annually. This number feeds directly into the obesity epidemic in the United States. Recent statistics from the Cente

Four Great Reasons to Eat Local

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Between 2011 and 2012, Americans crammed into the more than 37,000 different grocery stores across the country to get the items they needed to fill their shelves and refrigerators. As a result of that trend, according to Progressive Grocer Magazine, total supermarket sales in 2012 totaled more than $602 billion. While there are some benefits to heading to the grocery store, including the ability to buy organic food, heading to a local food markets might be a better option. In addition to helping shoppers get away from lines and crowds, natural food markets offer several benefits that grocery stores simply can’t compete with.

Always Fresh

Because the items at farmer’s markets and other similar places are brought in by local growers, you can be sure that they are always going to be fresh.

Eat Local Eat Organic Eat Local Organic

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When it comes to local food suppliers, you do not need to go anywhere else than the variety of markets that pop up all over Rochester year round. A particular favorite variety for all Rochesterians are the Rochester farmers markets. For the freshest foods from the nicest of local food suppliers, your spring, summer and autumn produce shopping should all be done at the farmers markets.

The South Wedge Farmers Market is the aptly named place to go for the South Wedge area. When I lived in that area, I actually got a Community Supported Agriculture box from there every week. I paid for a summer subscription of their vegetables and bread, and it was the best. Every week is a new collection of tons of different vegetables and fruits, and a loaf of fresh, amazing bread. You never know what you are going to g

If You Live in Rochester, the Bulk of Your Groceries Should Be Coming From the Public Market

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If you live in this beautiful city of Rochester, New York, then you must surely know about how amazing the Rochester Public Market can be. Yet, if you live here and do not know of the grandeur of the Rochester Market, shame on you. You have been missing out on so much in good, fresh food. You absolutely must attend the next gathering, so clear your calendar.

The Rochester Farmers Market is a year round affair. It does not matter the weather, the season or the crop. You will find vendors 52 weeks a year, six a.m. to one p.m. on Tuesdays and Thursdays, and five a.m. to three p.m. on Saturdays. Obviously the summer months will prove more fruitful, pun intended, for your trips to the Rochester Market, but even during the winter, you can find plenty to choose from. The bakeries and pasta makers do not rely

Buy Local at the Rochester Public Market

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For those who have never been to the Rochester Public Market, they are not only missing out on some of the freshest produce and other high quality local products, they are missing the chance to help out the local economy, as well. The Rochester Market, which some also refer to as the Rochester Farmers market, is also a place where market goings can enjoy a variety of events any time of year.

During the summertime, the Rochester Public Market sponsor what they call Band on the Bricks. Band on the Bricks is a concert series that features a variety of musical acts that range from well known local favorites to national rock and blues acts. Band on the Bricks takes place on Friday evening beginning in July, and also has plenty of food and beverage vendors on hand to serve dinner to market goers who are celebrat

Support the Local Economy at the Rochester Public Market

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As each summer rolls around hundreds of Rochestarians flock to the Rochester farmers market for the best deals on produce and other products that are produced locally. While it is always nice to save money and get the freshest produce in return, it is also conscientious and wise to support the local economy. When Rochester area residents purchase the produce and other perishable and durable goods at the Rochester Public Market, they are doing a favor to local farmers and merchants, and also to themselves.

Although the Rochester Market is open all years round, it is during the summer that the Market truly comes to life. One of the coolest features of the Rochester Market during the summertime is the Band on the Bricks concerts series. Beginning in early July, Band on the Bricks will feature concerts

Eating Local at the Rochester Market

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The Rochester public market has been around since 1905. Pretty much since then it has served residents as the premiere Rochester farmers market year round. Locals visit it for the quality produce and other items.

The Rochester Market was voted the top market in 2010 for the Americas Favorite Farmers Market contest. If you visit, you may come to the same conclusion based on the variety of items for sale and people that make it run so smoothly.

A farmers market is typically a retail market where farmers can bring their goods directly to consumers to sell. Consumers visit a market like the Rochester market for the opportunity to buy items that are usually fresher than any supermarket or grocery store. They can buy items from the farmers just after they came out the field or were picked from trees. For instance the items you see at a farmers booth probably were picked within the last 24 hours or so.

Farmers use a place like the Rochester market because it provides a way to sell items for a retail price and can be fairly profitable. Typically if they are selling to a wholesale distributor, they are getting a far smaller price for their goods in exchange for not having to store, ship and distribute their harvest to stores. That can be a good arrangement, but when they sell directly to consumers at the Rochester Market they merely have to show up and sell for something like the retail price.

With the trend for healthy living, there is growing interest in eating locally produced foods from the Rochester market as well. Some consumers would rather get produce grown regionally than pay for items shipped across country or from an international location. That allows them to eat various items throughout the year as the seasons change too. The practice also allows the farmers at the Rochester market to keep the dollars in the community versus at a larger chain of grocery stores.

Why Shop At A Rochester Farmers Market Versus The Local Food Store

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If you never have had the pleasure of visiting a Rochester farmers market, take every opportunity you can this season to do so. When you do, you experience a whole new world of opportunities, and you earn various advantages as well. These advantages mostly come over your regular visits to the food store or your local market. Here are some key reasons why visiting a Rochester farmers market actually benefits you.

Pick a Rochester farmers market over your normal grocery store for the selection. Now is the season to get fresh fruits and vegetables from your Rochester farmers market, which grows this produce very close to where you live. These markets are great because they cut down on the transportation necessary to get this fresh produce from where it is created to your doorstep or your refrigerator. So use them this season as you add fresh vegetables and delicious fruits to your family’s plates.

Pick a Rochester farmers market over a regular Rochester market or grocer for the prices too. At a grocery store, you may have coupons and can get cool deals on sales that are ongoing or only for a limited time. But at a Rochester farmers market, the prices are always pretty low. These vendors are selling what they are producing within days of their harvests too, so you get affordable produce that probably tastes much better than what you would be purchasing at a grocery store.

Pick a Rochester farmers market over a traditional store for the opportunities to speak with these vendors too. How often do you get to speak directly with the person who planted these foods into the ground? At a visit to a Rochester public market, you could have a very unique chance to get your questions related to this produce answered by someone who knows it inside and out. The grocery manager at your local food store may have some answers, but he likely cannot provide answers to all questions you have.

Pick a Rochester farmers market over a general store for the freshness of this produce. As mentioned above, these foods were recently harvested, and they did not have to travel very far to get to you. So they will likely taste better and be much fresher than what is picked up in any grocery store. This is not intended to knock your grocer, but there is really a reason why these markets are so frequently visited.

Loving the Rochester Public Market

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Looking for one of the hidden treasures in the Rochester area? The Rochester public market may surprise you as tops among some of the most unlikely destinations. Visitors go for many reasons, not just the fact that it is the premier Rochester farmers market.

Historically, the Rochester public market has been open at the current location since 1905. That is over one hundred years that the Rochester public market has served the people of Rochester, NY. Many visitors flock for the convenience and competitive pricing in produce, meats, flowers and various other goods that can be found within the market. Cost savings aside, there is something pleasant about walking through the bustling market to search out the various seasonal offerings. It is definitely not your average grocery store!

Looking for ethnic specialties? There is a good chance that you can find your specific food related items within the Rochester public market. The vendors are as varied as the customers, and the customers are as varied as the products. It really is the top Rochester market among smaller farmer markets. Make sure to make your list before you venture out to the market, but be flexible since selections can change quickly.

The Rochester public market is not just for food items though. One of the great attractions is the vast number of different flower and plant vendors. Why opt for the big box home improvement stores when you can browse locally grown and locally suited plants and flowers at the Rochester public market? Plants are not the only item of interest either. There are different hard goods vendors throughout the different areas that might have the perfect little gift or knick knack that you need.

While you may get distracted outside, make sure to visit the vendors inside the buildings and flanking the market. Those businesses represent other varied specialties and restaurants. Some are open even beyond market hours, though you will have to confirm that yourself.

Regardless of what you are searching for, you are sure to find it at the market. Plus the Rochester public market has become the destination for tours and field trips, not just the shopping.

Get Your Fresh Produce From The Rochester Market

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Restaurants throughout the country have recently embraced the idea of using local foods whenever possible. The idea is to cut down the carbon footprint that might otherwise result if the food came from a longer distance, and it embraces the ideal of supporting locally grown products. This idea of eating local to support your own community has become an increasingly popular trend. By simply driving around on Saturdays or Sundays, you can quite easily see signs of farmers markets in many different neighborhoods. People enjoy the personal touch that comes with a local seller, and people are beginning to place a higher value on the idea of organically grown food. In fact, the state of New York ranks as one of the states with the greatest growth of farmer’s markets.

Farmer’s markets have been an integral part of society, from the time of bartering until now. In fact, at one point, purchasing from farmers was the only way that people could purchase fresh produce. It is great to see this tradition regaining popularity and being revitalized. The Rochester public market, for instance, has been around since 1905. Nowadays, the Rochester Market is open three days a week all year round, and it serves fresh produce, baked goods and specialty products. On certain days at the Rochester Market, there are musicians playing for a light hearted ambience. Frequenting the Rochester market means that you are interacting repeatedly with the same producers. This way, you can build relationships with them over time. It adds to the sense of community and makes every trip to the Rochester Market more enjoyable. Some producers avoid these market for fear of competition, yet contrary to popular belief, these types of markets generate more money when there are a greater number of producers, as it gives people the chance to browse and have a variety of choices from which they can purchase.

The Rochester Market has also extended its marketing to the digital world. You can look up special events, such as art or music events online. You can look even look at Rochester Farmers Market producers’ profiles; and remember, in order to be supremely environmentally friendly, bring your own reusable bag!